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Teaching people to use the law of attraction to attract love, money, job/career, vacation and perfect health.
Harness the power of the law of attraction to create the life you want and attract the desires of your heart.
Oshun's Law of Attraction & Meditation Practice offers one on one coaching sessions at $50/per session.

About Latoya Barnett

Latoya Barnett is a 27-year-old mother of four beautiful children. Born in Jamaica, she was raised in The Bronx, New York, where she attended junior high school and, for a time, high school there. Growing up in Jamaica was not easy in that very poor country, but she remembers many good times there, too, before leaving for New York at the age of ten.

A victim of abuse in different ways, she used the pain to overcome those bad experiences and to make emotional progress. A teenage mother, Latoya had her first child at the age of 16. She says any obstacles she encountered in life helped her to grow into the woman she is today. Latoya Barnett currently resides in Miami, Florida with her children, where she loves her life, loves people, and wishes peace to the world.

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A Book by Latoya Barnett

From the ugly comes great beauty in this heartfelt recollection of a young girl's life. Young Sasha is surrounded by family discord and it's just not fair. All she desires is the kind of childhood all kids dream of and deserve.But her abusive father repeatedly beats her kind and loving mother and it looks like that is how it will always be.

Sasha is resigned to multiple visits to her home by the police as she watches her father get hauled away time and time again, his breath reeking of alcohol. And then one day comes a true rest from the wild. Her mother whisks Sasha away and together they escape her fathers wrath by moving to a family shelter.

Aimed at young people who may be experiencing a life like Sasha's, Latoya Barnett's little book may just hold the key of inspiration for anyone suffering the indignities of domestic abuse.

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Are you seeking ways to find a Balance in your Life ?

Law of attraction tells you thoughts becomes things, to have what you want you must feel as if. With these principles you can learn how to proof read your everyday steps before actually doing them,to have the life you seek, you must first see your self there already in Your mind.feel like it is already there,take steps towards it day by day.

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Who will like to be apart of a Blessings Circle ?

A place where likeminded people collectively help to build each other up daily, financially,spiritually,mentally and emotionally.

You must meet a Certain Criteria to be apart of this awesome Success attraction circle!

1. You absolutely must can afford $25.00

2. Must Be Coachable.

3. Must Know Personal Development.

4. Must Have a Wealth Mindset.

If you don't possess these skills then your not who I'm looking for!!

If you are ready to attract wealth and abundance,you may want to inbox me ASAP!
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Pledge to End Domestic Violence

Your donation will go towards supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse.

This is an issue that touches Oshun's Law of Attraction & Meditation Practice Founder, Latoya Barnett closely and she has pledged to use her platform to help alleviate domestic violence in whatever way she is able.
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